Treating Prostatitis Effectively

A Challenge for Clinicians

Nhuan Nguyen, PharmD, MBA, CHE


US Pharmacist. 2014;39(4):35-41. 

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Prostatitis is a common disorder in males aged 18 years and older. Prostatitis is classified into four categories by the NIH, and each category presents with different signs and symptoms. Although the causes of ABP and CBP are clearly identified, the etiology of CP/CPPS is unclear, which leads to ineffective treatment and results in poor QOL for related patients. Since most physicians are not familiar with CP/CPPS, the treatment of CP/CPPS becomes a challenge for clinicians. Consequently, clinical pharmacists can significantly contribute to developing an optimal treatment regimen for each CP/CPPS patient by collaborating with and/or consulting physicians or medical teams about drug efficacy, adverse drug reactions, and drug interactions.