Totally Implantable Venous Access Devices

Retrospective Analysis of Different Insertion Techniques and Predictors of Complications in 796 Devices Implanted in a Single Institution

Elisa Granziera; Marco Scarpa; Angelo Ciccarese; Bogdan Filip; Matteo Cagol; Valentina Manfredi; Rita Alfieri; Connie Celentano; Sandra Cappellato; Carlo Castoro; Muzio Meroni


BMC Surg. 2014;14(27) 

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In conclusion, the results of our study demonstrate that ultrasound guided percutaneous technique is the safest and the most cost effective method for TIVAD insertion. In fact, the overall early complications rate was significantly lower for the ultrasound technique and, in particular, there was a significant reduction of the risk of pneumothorax. In order to reduce the immediate complication rate on TIVAD insertion, a real time US-guided technique should be preferred for vein identification and for puncture guidance and this technique may be assumed as standard care in case of TIVAD placement.