Aiming for Remission in Psoriatic Arthritis

Anna R Moverley, Laura C Coates, Philip S Helliwell


Int J Clin Rheumatol. 2014;9(2):147-153. 

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Ultrasound Data

Although clinical remission is a laudable goal, experience in rheumatoid arthritis has indicated that even though clinical low disease activity may have been achieved, subclinical synovitis, demonstrated by ultrasound, may persist and may explain subsequent structural progression.[46] Therefore, it is clear, at least for rheumatoid arthritis, that even in states of clinical low disease persistent synovitis may occur. That this also occurs in PsA is suggested by a study of subclinical disease in early cases, where 87% of patients had at least one joint that demonstrated subclinical synovitis on ultrasound examination.[47] The same group were, however, not able to show significant levels of subclinical enthesitis in an early cohort of patients.[48] In fact, in this study, clinical enthesitis was found more often than evidence of enthesitis on ultrasound.