Neuropsychological Outcome After Carbon Monoxide Exposure Following a Storm: A Case-Control Study

Bérengère Pages; Mélanie Planton; Sophie Buys; Béatrice Lemesle; Philippe Birmes; Emmanuel Joseph Barbeau; Stéphanie Maziero; Laurie Cordier; Claudine Cabot; Michèle Puel; Michèle Genestal; François Chollet; Jérémie Pariente


BMC Neurol. 2014;14(153) 

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We report here the first study investigating cognitive and psychiatric outcome in consecutive patients after CO poisoning during a natural disaster. Using a group comparison method, we confirmed the potential multi-domain cognitive nature of sequelae PTSD is one aspect that is also to be taken into account after that specific intoxication. In spite of the medium size effect reported in this study, patients as a group reported a lower quality of life, which may have been caused by these cognitive and psychiatric sequelae. CO poisoning during storms must therefore be dealt with adequately and clinicians should be aware of its possible consequences.