10 Choosing Wisely Recommendations by Specialists for Hospitalists: Appropriate, Safe, Cost-effective Tests You Should Perform—and a Few You Should Try to Avoid

Karen Appold


The Hospitalist. 2014;18(6):1,12-14. 

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Abstract and Introduction


When diagnosing a patient, it can be tempting to run all types of tests to expedite the process—and protect yourself from litigation. Patients may push for more tests, too, thinking "the more the better." But that may not be the best course of action. In fact, according to recommendations of the ABIM Foundations' Choosing Wisely campaign, more tests can actually bring a host of negative consequences.

In an effort to help hospitalists decide which tests to perform and which to forgo, The Hospitalist asked medical societies that contributed to the Choosing Wisely campaign to tell us which one of their recommendations was the most applicable to hospitalists. Then, we asked some hospitalists to discuss how they might implement each recommendation.