Quiz: 8 Questions About Physicians Around the World

Veronique Duqueroy


July 30, 2014

Among these 4 countries, The Netherlands had the largest total health expenditure.* It spent 12.4% of its gross domestic product (GDP) in 2012. The 2006 Dutch healthcare reforms, which combine mandatory universal coverage with competing private health plans, have contributed to increased expenditure over the years. However, the country ranked first in the 2013 Euro Health Consumer Index that compared 35 national European healthcare systems.[15]

As a comparison, Mexico spent 6.1% of GDP on health, and India 4.0%. Surprisingly, Qatar, which has one of the highest physician-to-population ratios, spent only 2.2%. At 17.9%, the United States stands far above and first on the world list for health expenditure.[16]

*The WHO definition of total health expenditure is the sum of public and private health expenditure. It covers the provision of health services (preventive and curative), family planning activities, nutrition activities, and emergency aid designated for health; it does not include provision of water and sanitation.


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