Quiz: 8 Questions About Physicians Around the World

Veronique Duqueroy


July 30, 2014

Lithuania has a higher physician density* than China, the United Kingdom, or Peru.[6] Despite multiple reforms, the medical education system inherited from the Soviet Union still trains many MDs.[7] However, the high emigration rate of Lithuanian health professionals looking for better job opportunities is important to note,[8] especially since the country became a member of the European Union in 2004.

At the top of list of the countries with the highest physician-to-population ratios stand Monaco, Qatar, and Cuba. The latter has a long history of medical internationalism by sending healthcare professionals overseas for humanitarian or economic purposes (eg, the oil-for-doctors agreement with Venezuela).[9,10]

*Physician density is the number of physicians, including generalists and specialists, per 1000 habitants. In 2012, Monaco had a ratio of 7.2, Lithuania 4.1, the United Kingdom 2.8, China 1.9, and Peru 1.1. In 2011, these ratios were 2.5 in the United States and 7.7 in Qatar. The 2010 ratio in Cuba was 6.7.[6]


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