Quiz: 8 Questions About Physicians Around the World

Veronique Duqueroy


July 30, 2014

Among these 4 countries, Canada has the most expensive tuition fees* for medical training. As in the United States, the costs differ according to universities. For example, to enroll in medical school, first-year students will have to pay 6380.67 USD at McGill University[1] or 20,000 USD at the University of Toronto.[2] US medical schools remain the most expensive, with first-year tuition fees* as high as 56,121 USD (Harvard Medical School)[3] or 60,048 USD (Tufts University School of Medicine).[4]

In Argentina or Sweden, universities are publicly funded and medical studies are tuition-free. Swedish students are asked to pay a union fee up to 40 USD, which allows them to receive discounts on public transportation or at certain stores.[5]

In Germany, medical studies were tuition-free until 2006, but today they vary among States, from no cost to 1300 USD yearly (in Lower Saxony). Political discussions about returning to a tuition-free system for winter 2015 are ongoing.

*Tuition fees include all mandatory fees, including health insurance. They do not include scholarship funding, special tuition fees for foreign students, or teaching support, or the cost of living in the country.


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