Shared Characteristics Between Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Fungi Contribute to Virulence

Sam Willcocks; Brendan W Wren


Future Microbiol. 2014;9(5):657-668. 

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Future Perspective

Knowledge of shared characteristics may elucidate novel strategies for chemotherapy that are not commonly applicable to other bacteria. Scrutiny of the anti-fungal literature may identify novel targets for anti-mycobacterial intervention. Similarly, future comparison of the host response to fungi and mycobacteria may reveal further similarities that may provide opportunities in managing the progression of disease and in immunodiagnostics.

Given the similarity of infection characteristics between M. tuberculosis and fungi, one may anticipate continued convergent evolution, despite being distantly related in different Kingdoms. Further research enabled by next-generation sequencing may further inform us of not only the genetic origins of M. tuberculosis, but clarify the link between clinical prognosis, genetic and phenotypic characteristics.