Conservative Management of Acute Scrotal Edema

Karen D. Benjamin, BS


Urol Nurs. 2014;34(3):139-142. 

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Scrotal Support vs. Scrotal Sling in Practice

In practice, the use of a scrotal support versus a scrotal sling is based on mobility. For patients confined to bed rest, a scrotal support alone is sufficient. In acutely ill patients, the scrotal support can be especially helpful in preventing fragile skin sheer when the patient is transferred for testing or moved for perineal cleaning. Additionally, the scrotal support is easier to apply to bedridden patients than a waistbased support.

When the patient is not standing or ambulating, the vectors of force of the neck strap are not in a direction to move the scrotum anteriorly, and the strap is unnecessary. Once the patient is more mobile (dangling, standing, or walking), the neck strap can be attached, and the scrotal sling can assist to bear the weight of the scrotum until the edema resolves.