Helminth Infections in Neonates and Young Children

Andrea J. Lack, MD; Jill E. Weatherhead, MD; Laila Woc-Colburn, MD, DTM&H


June 25, 2014

Case Presentation: Abdominal Mass at 30 Months

EB was lost to follow-up and is now 30 months old. He presents with a 2-day history of intermittent nausea and vomiting that has become severe and persistent over the past 24 hours. His last bowel movement was 3 days ago.

On physical examination, he appears uncomfortable, his mucous membranes are dry, and he is tachycardic. His abdomen is distended and diffusely tender. A mass is appreciable in the right lower quadrant.

On reexamination, the mass seems to have moved a few centimeters. An abdominal radiograph shows dilated loops of small bowel, and ultrasonography confirms a mass near the ileocecal valve.


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