Progress Toward Polio Eradication — Worldwide, 2013–2014

Edna K. Moturi, MBChB; Kimberly A. Porter, PhD; Steven G.F. Wassilak, MD; Rudolf H. Tangermann, MD; Ousmane M. Diop, PhD; Cara C. Burns, PhD; Hamid Jafari, MD


Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. 2014;63(21):468-472. 

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Routine Vaccination Coverage

During 2012, the latest year for which complete data are available, global coverage of infants by age 12 months with 3 doses of polio vaccine (Pol3) through routine vaccination was estimated at 84%. Pol3 coverage estimates by WHO region were 77% in the African Region (AFR), 74% in the South-East Asia Region (SEAR), 82% in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR), 93% in the Region of the Americas (AMR), 96% in the European Region (EUR), and 97% in the Western Pacific Region (WPR). Among the countries where polio is endemic, estimated national Pol3 coverage was 59% in Nigeria, 71% in Afghanistan, and 75% in Pakistan. However, substantial variability in coverage exists within these countries [6]