Urinary Tract Infection in Outpatient Febrile Infants Younger Than 30 Days of Age

A 10-Year Evaluation

William Bonadio, MD; Gary Maida, MD


Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2014;33(4):342-344. 

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UTI is present in 1 of 6 febrile neonates presenting for outpatient evaluation. Nearly 50% have a radiographic anatomic abnormality and one-fourth with hydronephrosis have VUR. All febrile young infants should receive performance of a urine culture; those with UTI require RUS imaging. Those with hydronephrosis should have further evaluation for VUR. The purpose of renal imaging is to detect urologic abnormalities that require additional management, such as further radiographic studies or subspecialty consultation. Identifying abnormalities is important to determine prognosis and establish appropriate follow up and monitoring so as to maximize renal function.