Pediatric Headache: Where Have We Been and Where Do We Need to Be

Samata Singhi, MD; Howard Jacobs, MD; Jack Gladstein, MD


Headache. 2014;54(5):817-829. 

In This Article

Abstract and Introduction


In this article, we hope to summarize current understanding of pediatric headache. We discuss epidemiology, genetics, classification, diagnosis, outpatient, emergency and inpatient treatment options, prevention strategies, and behavioral approaches. For each section, we end with a series of questions for future research and consideration.


In all fields of medicine, new discovery could not happen without the pioneering work of innovators. Pediatric headache has come a long way as Bo Bille wrote the first descriptive article on his group of Scandinavian school children. We have made strides in the fields of classification, refining International Headache Society (IHS) criteria for pediatrics, approaches to care, drug trials, emergency room (ER) management, psychiatric care, alternative medicine, and genetics. In each section of this article, we will highlight current thinking and project to the future with the hope that innovations in pediatric care for the headache patient will become a priority as we strive to improve health for our population.