Cardiac Implantable Electronic Device Reutilization

Battery Life of Explanted Devices at a Tertiary Care Center

Lindsey Gakenheimer, B.S.; Joshua Romero, M.D.; Timir S. Baman, M.D.; Dan Montgomery, B.S.; Cydni A. Smith, B.A.; Hakan Oral, M.D.; Kim A. Eagle, M.D.; Thomas Crawford, M.D.


Pacing Clin Electrophysiol. 2014;37(5):569-575. 

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Limitations of this study include the method used to obtain our results. Direct battery measurement with a load attached to the pacemaker was not performed; rather, telemetry measurements collected in the device clinic just prior to generator change were analyzed. Direct battery measurement would provide a more reliable battery longevity assessment. Additionally, since device parameters were collected within 3 months prior to explanation, they may slightly overestimate the true battery life potential.