Social Media Guidelines and Best Practices

Recommendations From the Council of Residency Directors Social Media Task Force

Malford T. Pillow, MD, Med; Laura Hopson, MD; Michael Bond, MD; Daniel Cabrera, MD; Leigh Patterson, MD; David Pearson, MD; Harsh Sule, MD, MPP; Felix Ankel, MD; Madonna Fernández-Frackelton, MD; Ronald V. Hall, MD; Jason A. Kegg, MD; Donald Norris; Katrin Takenaka


Western J Emerg Med. 2014;15(1):26-30. 

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Communication Plan

A program should have a communications plan/policy that proactively addresses the use of social media and potential issues. This should encompass:

  • Target audience

  • Purpose of the site, including educational objectives and explicit consideration of the function of the site such as degrees of access and interactivity planned

  • Level of privacy and security required

  • Issues of medical advice and redirection of patients to appropriate venues

  • Plans to deal with adverse events, including spam, negative comments, complaints, and unprofessional behavior.