Social Media Guidelines and Best Practices

Recommendations From the Council of Residency Directors Social Media Task Force

Malford T. Pillow, MD, Med; Laura Hopson, MD; Michael Bond, MD; Daniel Cabrera, MD; Leigh Patterson, MD; David Pearson, MD; Harsh Sule, MD, MPP; Felix Ankel, MD; Madonna Fernández-Frackelton, MD; Ronald V. Hall, MD; Jason A. Kegg, MD; Donald Norris; Katrin Takenaka


Western J Emerg Med. 2014;15(1):26-30. 

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It is our strong recommendation that each residency program develop a social media policy and education effort.[34–35] Institutional officials should be involved in the development of these materials. The initial discussions should be held with the designated institutional officer (DIO), public affairs, legal or privacy officer, and information technology (IT) departments for consideration of any existing policies and procedures, as well as subtleties of law relevant to public versus private institutions.