What Do You Think About Physician Compensation?

Voice your opinion on the 2014 Medscape Physician Compensation Report

Stephanie Cajigal


April 15, 2014

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Over 24,000 physicians in 25 specialties responded to this year's Medscape Physician Compensation Report. Some notable findings:

  • 25% of physicians say they're considering not taking any new Medicare or Medicaid patients.

  • 6% of physicians operate cash-only practices, double the number of physicians who reported doing so 2 years ago.

  • 43% of physicians predict that participation in health insurance exchanges will decrease their income.

  • Male physicians earn 30% more than their female counterparts, a decrease from 3 years ago when male respondents earned 40% more.

What do you think? Do any of the results of our report surprise you? Click here to view the overview report and then add your comments below.


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