Physicians Are Talking: Medicare Payments Go Public

Providers Express Anger, Concern Over the Release of Payment Data

Marrecca Fiore


April 09, 2014

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CMS Releases Provider Medicare Pay

The Obama administration has made good on its promise to make public how much physicians, nurses, and technicians earn from Medicare.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has disclosed on its Website the most recent data available on Medicare payments. The data include the 2012 charges and paid amounts to 880,000 medical providers. The providers submitted a combined $252.4 billion in charges but earned just $77.4 billion.

The move is the first in a series of several initiatives by CMS to increase transparency. This fall, the agency plans to launch a Website where it will post payments and gifts that physicians receive from drug and device makers. CMS also plans to expand its Physician Compare Website this year to include quality-of-care information for clinicians in group practices.

A quick search of the data shows that while Medicare pay to some providers surpassed $1 million (including several who earned more than $20 million in 2012), others earned less than $1000.


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