Midei's Former Hospital Bosses to Pay Millions Settling Stent Cases

Shelley Wood

April 08, 2014

TOWSON, MD — The former owner of St Joseph Medical Center will pay as much as $37 million to as many as 273 patients who allege they received stents they did not need from Dr Mark Midei[1].

The tangled tale, followed by protracted litigation, has long been reported by heartwire .

The latest news, reported today in the Baltimore Sun , would resolve legal claims by any of the patients who were notified by the hospital, back in 2010, that the stents they received may not have been medically warranted. In 2012, Catholic Health Initiatives sold St Joseph to the University of Maryland but retained liabilities relating to the stent litigation.

Both the Baltimore and federal class-action suits would be resolved in the agreement, which involves only Catholic Health Initiatives, not Midei himself, the Sun reports.

Midei is not named as a defendant in this suit and has repeatedly denied wrongdoing, a stand also adopted by Catholic Health.

As reported by heartwire , an earlier civil case against Midei and Catholic Health Initiatives in May 2013 was settled by the hospital, without Midei's involvement or consent, he has said. Then, in October, a case led by a Baltimore businessman ended in mistrial: a jury found Midei guilty in the case, but the judge subsequently vacated the verdict when the jury could not decide on damages. This particular case is still listed in court records as "open" because of a separate finding against Catholic Health Initiatives.

According to the Sun, it is now up to plaintiffs to decide if they want to join the $37-million-dollar settlement or continue their fight independently. Individual payments would be at least $134 000 before fees, reporter Ian Duncan writes, with payments dependent on at least 60% of potential claimants joining the case. Forty percent of the total payment, plus administrative fees, are earmarked for the plaintiff's legal team.

Contacted by heartwire , Midei said he is "out of the loop" regarding the current case, since he "was not a defendant in this recent action." He says he has been sued "about 400 times" and in court three times. "All cases have been either one, dismissed outright; two, a mistrial declared; or three, settled without my consent or endorsement. There are no findings of negligence against me."

He added that, to the best of his knowledge, "the overwhelming majority of cases will be closed if the recent settlement remains a reality. I believe that the only cases left in Maryland are those that include the numerous other physicians in Baltimore who have yet to enjoy the experiences with which I have been faced over the past five years."

Midei now has his own consulting business and says, "I am alive and well in my home of the past 16 years in Monkton, and I'm not going anywhere soon. I can't say what I am developing right now, but I am hopeful that it will be an important benefit for patients."


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