Biomechanical and Functional Indicators in Male Semiprofessional Soccer Players With Increased Hip Alpha Angles vs. Amateur Soccer Players

Matthias Lahner; Christoph von Schulze Pellengahr; Philipp Alexander Walter; Carsten Lukas; Andreas Falarzik; Kiriakos Daniilidis; Lars Victor von Engelhardt; Christoph Abraham; Ewald M Hennig; Marco Hagen


BMC Musculoskelet Disord. 2014;15(88) 

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Future research is needed to identify characteristic features which display the different stages of FAI process. A challenge for future research is to develop physical training programs for preventing FAI or decelerating the FAI process. These findings support the need for a screening program for competitive soccer players. In cases of a conspicuous gait analysis, FAI must be ruled out by further diagnostic tests.