Do Physicians' Implicit Views of African Americans Affect Clinical Decision Making?

M. Norman Oliver, MD, MA; Kristen M. Wells, MPH, PhD; Jennifer A. Joy-Gaba, PhD; Carlee Beth Hawkins, MA; Brian A. Nosek, PhD


J Am Board Fam Med. 2014;27(2):177-188. 

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The conditions predicting when implicit biases will predict behavior or not are not yet fully understood. The lack of a significant correlation between our participants' implicit and explicit biases and their referral for TKR provides speculative opportunity to identify occasions where implicit biases do not affect clinical decision making or show their effect through other, less direct mechanisms. Studies of the possible role of implicit racial biases on clinical decision making should continue, and tools should be developed to help clinicians mitigate the effect of such biases on clinical practice.