Obama's Spin on Health Insurance Misses Key Points

Greg A. Hood, MD


March 14, 2014

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The Big Picture

Drawing attention to these concerns may strike some as criticisms of the President, but that misses the primary mark. Since he has taken such a firm grasp and personal ownership of the initiative, it does no one, least of all the ACA's progressive supporters, any good to not acknowledge problems and inadequacies of the legislation, even those that were unintended.

Nevertheless, there are even larger realities here. For one, healthcare has not been "fixed" yet. For another, the stakes of the nation's physical health and fiscal health are too high to turn a blind eye to the genuine problems that some people are currently experiencing, nor to those problems mentioned above that are reasonably predicted to happen.

The uncertainty surrounding healthcare and its future in the United States casts a pall over the nation. Perhaps that was one reason why the President felt that he had to inject some levity into the sign-up initiative this week. All kidding aside, there is still an enormous amount of serious work to be done if an effective and appropriate healthcare system is to be created in this country. This is no laughing matter.


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