ICD-10 Coding for Ophthalmology

A New Chapter for Eyes

Betsy Nicoletti, MS


February 21, 2014

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Laterality Coding

Many disorders of the eyelids have different codes for upper and lower lids, as well as right and left (Table 2).

Table 2. Laterality Code Example

Code Condition
H01.111 Allergic dermatitis of right upper eyelid
H01.112 Allergic dermatitis of right lower eyelid
H01.113 Allergic dermatitis of right eye, unspecified eyelid
H01.114 Allergic dermatitis of left upper eyelid
H01.115 Allergic dermatitis of left lower eyelid
H01.116 Allergic dermatitis of left eye, unspecified eyelid
H01.119 Allergic dermatitis of unspecified eye, unspecified eyelid

For example, blepharitis is now classified as right upper lid, right lower lid, right eye unspecified, left upper eyelid, left lower eyelid, and left eye unspecified. There is also a code for an unspecified eye, unspecified eyelid. Also, similar to some other conditions, blepharitis does not have a code for "bilateral." If a patient has the same condition in both eyes, codes for both right and left are selected.


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