Current Thinking on Genital Herpes

Annika M. Hofstetter; Susan L. Rosenthal; Lawrence R. Stanberry


Curr Opin Infect Dis. 2014;27(1):75-83. 

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Therapeutic Vaccines

Therapeutic vaccines are another potential strategy for managing patients with existing HSV infection. Indeed, many earlier HSV vaccine trials examined effectiveness among individuals with HSV recurrence, although were largely unsuccessful.[125] However, new insights into the host immune response to HSV have resulted in novel therapeutic vaccines aiming to elicit T-cell responses, that is by using HSV peptides (HerpV), with promising results in animal models, humans cells in vitro and Phase I trial.[126,127] There are forthcoming Phase I/IIa trials designed to examine their safety, immunogenicity and impact on shedding frequency and transmission risk among individuals with genital HSV-2 infection.[128,129]