Bowel Preparations: A Review for Community Pharmacists

Diana Chang, PharmD; Kevin Van, PharmD; Janette D. Lie, PharmD, BCACP; Jason P. Smith, PharmD; Kristie N. Tu, PharmD, BCPS, CGP


US Pharmacist. 2013;38(12):30-34. 

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Over the past three decades, the number of adults screened for CRC in the U.S. has increased significantly.[2] The diagnostic accuracy of colonoscopy is limited by inadequate bowel cleansing, often because of poor patient compliance and tolerability. Despite the development of newer bowel preparations, there continues to be no ideal regimen. Adjunctive strategies may be used to improve screening visualization, palatability, and GI AEs. Community pharmacists can be a valuable resource in ensuring a successful colonoscopy.