An Unusual Delayed Complication of Paraffin Self-injection for Penile Girth Augmentation

Mario De Siati; Oscar Selvaggio; Giuseppe Di Fino; Giuseppe Liuzzi; Paolo Massenio; Francesca Sanguedolce; Giuseppe Carrieri; Luigi Cormio


BMC Urol. 2013;13(66) 

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Case Presentation

A 27-year-old Romanian man presented with severe penile pain and acute urinary retention. He had an unremarkable medical history. On physical examination, the penis was massively enlarged and the foreskin phymotic while the scrotum was normal (Figure 1). He reported having practiced, approximately 5 years before, five penile self-injections of paraffin for PGA and having had, following each injection, an immediate inflammatory reaction that ceased spontaneously in a few days. The four years after the injections had been uneventful, whereas in the fifth year he noticed progressive penile swelling with increasing intercourse and voiding difficulties up to the present episode of urinary retention. Urethral catheterization failed due to severe stricture of the proximal pendulum urethra. The patients refused placement of a suprapubic catheter; therefore, penile surgical exploration was immediately carried out. Following midline dorsal penile shaft incision (Figure 2), the scarred tissue between dartos and Buck's fascia was widely excised. Then we carried out a complete subcoronal and a midline ventral penile shaft incision to free the ventral penile portion from the scarred tissue. In this phase, a fibrotic ring occluding the urethra was encountered and removed (Figure 3). The penile incisions were finally closed and a detensioning prepubic skin plasty (transverse incision and longitudinal suture) was carried out to prevent a buried penis effect.

Figure 1.

Massively enlarged and deformed penile shaft with phymotic foreskin. Physical examination revealed a penile shaft enlarged, deformed and fibrotic, with phymotic foreskin; the scrotum was normal.

Figure 2.

Midline dorsal penile shaft incision. The operation started with a midline dorsal penile shaft incision to access and remove the scarred tissue between dartos and Buck's fascia dorsally.

Figure 3.

Fibrotic ring occluding the urethra. Following complete subcoronal incision and midline ventral penile shaft incision, the scarred tissue of the ventral penile shaft, including a fibrotic ring occluding the urethra, was accessed and removed.

The postoperative course was uneventful; the urethral catheter was removed on second postoperative day and the patient discharged 24 hours later, after a peak flow rate of 25 mL/sec and absence of post-void residual urine having been demonstrated by uroflowmetry and bladder ultrasounds. Histological examination confirmed the diagnosis of paraffinoma, showing a foreign-body type chronic granulomatous inflammation and epithelioid giant cells. Six weeks after surgery the patient reported being satisfied with the cosmetic result (Figure 4) as well as with his sexual and voiding functions; uroflowmetry showed a peak flow rate of 26 mL/sec and there was no post-void residual urine at bladder ultrasounds. At 6- and 12- months follow-up, he continued to be very pleased with cosmetic, sexual and voiding results.

Figure 4.

Cosmetic results six weeks after surgery. Six weeks after surgery, the sutured had healed well and the patient was satisfied with cosmetic and functional results.