New Targets for Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment of Parkinson's Disease

Anna Castrioto; Elena Moro


Expert Rev Neurother. 2013;13(12):1319-1328. 

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Extradural Motor Cortex Stimulation

Chronic extradural motor cortex stimulation has been proposed as an alternative surgical procedure in PD patients with contraindication to DBS. Several small case series reported some improvement of PD cardinal signs following chronic extradural motor cortex, but with inconclusive results.[95–103] Moreover, in all this case studies, the evaluations were conducted in an open-label fashion. A recent study reported no improvement at the 3-months double-blind and 1-year open assessments.[104] Another study reported some improvement in axial signs.[105] Overall to date, there is not enough evidence to recommend extradural motor cortex in PD.