Repair of the Threatened Feminine Identity

Experience of Women With Cervical Cancer Undergoing Fertility Preservation Surgery

Hiroko Komatsu, PhD, RN; Kaori Yagasaki, MSN, RN; Rie Shoda, RN; Younghui Chung, RN; Takashi Iwata, PhD, MD; Juri Sugiyama, MD; Takuma Fujii, PhD, MD


Cancer Nurs. 2014;37(1):75-82. 

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The present study provides insights to healthcare providers regarding how they might provide improved care through understanding the evolution of the changing feminine identity of women who confront cancer during their reproductive life. Women with cervical cancer who undergo radical trachelectomy experience an identity transformation process, and fertility preservation repairs the threatened feminine identity. A careful follow-up of such women is imperative to fully reveal reasons of suboptimal reproductive outcomes and to determine how nurses could provide improved care.