Improving Stroke Care in Rural Settings

Mark J. Alberts, MD


December 20, 2013

The Foundation for the Future of Stroke Care

The overall importance of this is that we now have formal guidelines in the literature that address the personnel, infrastructure, program, and staffing at these ASRHs that will form the foundation of this envisioned system of stroke care.

The ASRH will work with emergency medical services, PSCs, and CSCs to make sure that patients are properly triaged and sent to the most appropriate facilities, and then if necessary, are transferred to another facility based on the timing, type, and severity of the stroke.

We do endorse that an organization such as, but not limited to, the Joint Commission seriously consider formally certifying hospitals as ASRHs in the very near future.

The input for these recommendations was from the Brain Attack Coalition, which represents a large number of organizations that are involved in the diagnosis, care, and treatment of patients with acute stroke in the United States.

In summary, recently published recommendations for how an ASRH would be formed and would operate, and how it would interact within a stroke system of care, were published very recently in the journal Stroke. Thank you very much for tuning in to this Medscape stroke update. Have a good day.


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