A Unique Complication of Urethral Catheterization

Pubic Hair Associated With Struvite Bladder Calculi

Sarah Perz, MS; Chandy Ellimoottil, MD; Manoj Rao, MD; Larissa Bresler, MD


Urol Nurs. 2013;33(5):233-235. 

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Results of Clinical Interaction

During the cystolithalopaxy, multiple hairs were noted intertwined with the bladder stones. These hairs appeared to be the nidus for his bladder stones (see Figure 2). The stones were fragmented in the standard fashion and then irrigated out of the bladder using the rigid cystoscope. Bladder stone analysis revealed predominant struvite with some ammonium urate. A renal stone sample was also sent during the nephrolithotomy but an analysis report was not found.

Figure 2.

(A, B) Cystoscopic Images of Bladder Stone with Hair Nidus Before Cystolithalopaxy and (C) Stone and Associated Hair Fragments after Removal
Source: Photo taken by Sarah Perz, MS. Used with permission.