Penile Length After Prostatectomy

Do PDE5 Inhibitors Curb Penile Shortening?

Gerald Chodak, MD


December 17, 2013

A Controversial Issue

The literature on whether men lose penile length is controversial. To be sure, a number of papers have reported changes in penile length -- sometimes a loss of 1.5 cm or more.

These data are very helpful, and having the results come from a center of excellence is important, because this may be another difference that occurs in high-volume centers compared with centers or doctors that do not perform a high volume of these procedures.

Nevertheless, we still need to find out more about why this occurs and how to address it. It certainly appears that taking a daily PDE5 inhibitor may be one way to minimize the loss of penile length.

I look forward to your comments. Thank you.


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