A Mill Based Instrument and Software System for Dissecting Slide-mounted Tissue That Provides Digital Guidance and Documentation

Nils Adey; Dale Emery; Derek Bosh; Steven Callahan; John Schreiner; Yang Chen; Ann Greig; Katherine Geiersbach; Robert Parry


BMC Clin Pathol. 2013;13(29) 

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A mill based instrument system with a sample cutting and collecting consumable and digital guidance and documentation software was developed for dissecting slide-mounted tissue. The system is capable of 200 micron resolution, better than 100 micron accuracy, and greater than 95% recovery efficiency. This mesodissection system can improve dissection precision and documentation compared to the manual dissection and annotation methods currently used in most clinical laboratories. This instrumentation system is useful for isolating anatomical pathology samples for subsequent analysis of components such as DNA, RNA, and proteins, particularly when enrichment of specific regions on the tissue section is helpful, but pure cell populations are not required.