Therapeutic Use of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medications for Chronic Kidney Diseases

Yifei Zhong; Yueyi Deng; Yiping Chen; Peter Y. Chuang; John Cijiang He


Kidney Int. 2013;84(6):1108-1118. 

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Therapeutic efficacy of TCHMs is mainly supported by physicians' clinical experiences and small clinical studies. However, large randomized clinical trials are urgently needed to validate these therapies. Many promising therapeutic compounds could be identified from herbal decoctions and developed as anti-inflammation, antioxidative, or immunomodulatory pharmaceutical agents. More detailed mechanistic studies using modern scientific methodology and approaches are needed to elucidate the therapeutic potential of TCHMs for CKD. Clinicians who practice TCM should be aware of the limitations of TCHMs, as well as their toxicity profile. The reporting system for TCHM toxicity needs to be improved, and pharmacologic studies are required to assess the safety profile of TCHMs. The combined wisdom of modern and traditional medical physicians will be needed to develop a new strategy to assess the efficacy and safety of TCHMs in patients with CKD.