Introducing New Vaccines in Developing Countries

Sonali Kochhar; Barbara Rath; Lea D Seeber; Gabriella Rundblad; Ali Khamesipour; Mohammad Ali


Expert Rev Vaccines. 2013;12(12):1465-1478. 

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Research & Evaluation

Research and evaluation of a vaccine introduction project should include how the vaccine can be best deployed in various populations. Technical assistance should be provided to the local health officials dealing with the burden of disease, preparing informative and practical documents and designing interactive decision-making tools. The research, evaluation and technical assistance functions should help make evidence-based decisions to control the disease and prevent unnecessary deaths, facilitate collection of relevant data when undertaking a vaccine introduction program and serve as a repository of cost and coverage information based on data from the vaccine introduction program. The repository could also serve as a library where country and global policy makers can have access to the information on how to introduce a new vaccine efficiently in their countries. To amplify its impact, the project should disseminate knowledge gained from researches and evaluations on appropriate use of the vaccine in the country.

It cannot be overemphasized that vaccines should be introduced based on the same safety standards all over the world, double standards have to be prevented. Nevertheless, each country is different; hence, introduction programs need to adjust to local characteristics.