Repositioning Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines in the Dawning Era of Potent Immune Interventions

Adrian Bot; Francesco Marincola; Kent A Smith


Expert Rev Vaccines. 2013;12(10):1219-1234. 

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Five-Year View

The near future will witness an explosion of activity in the cancer immunotherapy arena, a major source of future medicine for cancer covering diverse therapeutic platform technologies. Novel immune checkpoint blockade and immune-stimulating agents will be developed and approved as monotherapies or as adjuncts to targeted therapies in metastatic disease. We will also witness the development and licensure of the first wave of T-cell-based immune interventions and bispecific engineered antibodies, more likely first in leukemias and lymphomas where there are fewer immune inhibiting mechanisms to overcome. Vaccines will be predominantly tested in minimal residual disease in various cancer types and as adjunct to other forms of therapy facilitating a safer and more effective treatment. Testing of vaccines will be guided by biomarkers, and we will likely witness the licensure of the first therapeutic vaccine with a comprehensive companion diagnostic. Finally, efforts to develop immune interventions that achieve objective and durable clinical response in individual patients will surpass, for the first time, the activities in support of immunotherapies that only achieve a slowdown of disease progression.