Corneal Refractive Surgery-related Dry Eye

Risk Factors and Management

Louis Tong; Yang Zhao; Ryan Lee


Expert Rev Ophthalmol. 2013;8(6):561-575. 

In This Article


Dry eye is a common complication after photorefractive surgery. The incidence of post-LASIK dry eye ranged between 8.3 and 48.0% based on symptomatic and/or objective findings assessed at least 6 months post-operatively.[5–9] However, comparison of these studies is not possible due to their differing diagnostic criteria for dry eye.

To date, no study has looked at the incidence or prevalence of chronic, persistent post-LASIK dry eye beyond the 6-month post-operative mark. It is uncertain if incidence of post-operative dry eye in the short term (1 day to 1 month) is a predictive factor for the development of chronic dry eye in the longer term (more than 6 months).