Special Features of Total Knee Replacement in Hemophilia

Emerito Carlos Rodriguez-Merchan


Expert Rev Hematol. 2013;6(6):637-642. 

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Antibiotic-loaded Cement

Most surgeons accept that all the prosthetic components (femoral, tibial and patellar) must be secured with bone cement that contains no antibiotics. However, given the increased risk of infection as a result of TKR, we advise the use of antibiotic-loaded cement in patients with hemophilia.[4] In general, gentamycin is used. However, a controversy exists about whether cement with antibiotics has a lower mechanical resistance than cement free of antibiotics. Given the seriousness of a prosthetic infection in patients with hemophilia, it seems reasonable to always use antibiotic-loaded cement with the aim of preventing prosthetic infection.[19]