Special Features of Total Knee Replacement in Hemophilia

Emerito Carlos Rodriguez-Merchan


Expert Rev Hematol. 2013;6(6):637-642. 

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Preoperative, Perioperative & Postoperative Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Program

With the availability of clotting factor concentrates, advances in surgical techniques, better implant design and improvements in postoperative management, TKR has become the treatment of choice for hemophilia patients suffering from end-stage hemophilic knee arthropathy. Although hemophilic patients undergoing this surgery would likely benefit from a targeted rehabilitation program, its specificities, modalities and limitations have thus far not been extensively studied. Employing the published data of rehabilitation after TKR in patients with OA and hemophilic arthropathy along with clinical experience, some authors have presented comprehensive reviews of the role of physiotherapy for patients with hemophilia undergoing TKR.[5,25]