Neutrophils and Emerging Targets for Treatment in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Mariska Meijer; Ger T Rijkers; Frans J van Overveld


Expert Rev Clin Immunol. 2013;9(11):1055-1068. 

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Discussion: Pathogenesis of COPD

This review has discussed the role of neutrophils and their products in COPD. As has become clear, they mainly play a role in the emphysematous and possibly in the bronchiolitis aspects of this disease, though the molecular mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis remain to be elucidated. COPD is indeed a very complex disease, even when only the effects of neutrophils are represented. In reality, of course, the disease is far more complex with endothelial, pulmonary and other leukocytes also playing a role. Novel treatment strategies in COPD could be targeted at neutrophils, however there is no convincing evidence that neutrophil inflammation is the only cause and reason for COPD. As a consequence, limitations of the treatment strategies in COPD do occur.