Roger F. Steinert, MD


November 07, 2013

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Let the Good Times Roll

Refractive surgery is a 2-day program and is absolutely action-packed. It starts with corneal crosslinking and many discussions on intraocular lenses. We have talked for years about intraocular lenses and cataract surgery being refractive surgery, but this is proof that we have finally reached that point. There is still some laser-based refractive surgery, of course, but in addition to intraocular lenses -- both phakic and pseudophakic, and related issues -- there will be a "trial" during a symposium, which will take place in the manner of a judge and jury talking about laser refractive lens surgery -- is it really better? All 4 of the currently available commercial systems are being presented with discussions on refractive results, safety, time, cost, and the subsequent phacoemulsification. That starts at 1:00 on Friday. In addition, there are paper presentations on many subjects on both Friday and Saturday and another so-called "trial" for presbyopia surgery -- which is the best procedure? So you can be sure that that is going to be very controversial as well. There are also a number of e-posters on refractive surgery.

That wraps it up for the anterior segment. But not to be outdone, there is also a 2-day session on retina. Retina and refractive have traditionally been the 2 biggest of these pre-Academy subspecialty days. The retina session has been titled "Let the Good Times Roll," in a clever allusion to New Orleans. We can all hope that the good times will roll despite the economic pressures on the healthcare system.

There will be many sessions on imaging, and lots of discussion on neovascular treatments, new drugs, and new drug trials will be presented on VEGF-Trap, steroids, and timed-release steroids, with respect to macular degeneration and other issues such as vascular occlusions and diabetes treatments. There is still room for surgery, so there are sessions on vitreoretinal surgery in the retina section as well.

That should be more than enough to have everybody enjoying the sessions in New Orleans, as well as the great food and the overall experience of New Orleans. I look forward to seeing you there. This is Roger Steinert on behalf of Medscape.


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