Teri Mills

Champion for America's Nurse

Sibyl Shalo Wilmont, RN, BSN, BA


Am J Public Health. 2013;103(11):1938-1941. 

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Who is the us surgeon General? Ask around and you're not likely to get the right answer. Ask about the Chief Nurse Officer, and you'll probably hear crickets. Teri Mills, RN, MS, CNE, wants to change that.

In 2005, the New York Times published an op-ed by a then-unknown nurse educator from Portland, Oregon, who pulled the emergency alarm on the nursing shortage and the deleterious impact it was having on the nation's health.[1] Capturing national attention with her rallying cry for a visible nurse at the top to lead national health promotion and disease prevention, she launched the National Nursing Network Organization (NNNO). With that, the campaign for a National Nurse for Public Health (NNPH) has been gaining momentum—among | Sibyl Shalo Wilmont, RN, BSN, BA the grassroots and on Capitol Hill—ever since.

Left to right: Shevaun German, BSN, RN; Anne Llewellyn, RN-BC, MS, BHSA, CCM, CCRN; Teri Mills, RN, MS, CNE; Lindsay Schubiner, Legislative Assistant-Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX-30); Katie Hall, BSN, RN-BC; Robin Kimmel, BSN, RN, CCM; Sheri Malstrom, BSN, RN, PHN; Kathy Mancusi, BSN, JD; Audrey Bayer BSN, RN, PCCN-C.
Courtesy of the office of Congresswoman Johnson.