Advances in Cataract Surgery

Majed Alkharashi; Walter J Stark; Yassine J Daoud


Expert Rev Ophthalmol. 2013;8(5):447-456. 

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Capsular Staining

The advent of capsular staining has improved the safety of cataract surgery by allowing enhanced visualization. Indications for capsular staining include cases with a poor red reflex as in mature or white cataracts, opalescent cortical material, dense posterior subcapsular opacification, vitreous hemorrhage, or corneal opacity. In addition, staining is also useful for pediatric cataract extraction and for surgeons learning new intraoperative techniques requiring good visualization of the anterior capsule. Numerous intraocular dyes have been reported in the literature including indocyanine green (ICG), fluorescein, crystal violet, gentian violet and brilliant blue G (BBG).[15] However, only trypan blue is FDA approved as an adjunct to cataract surgery.[16]