Treatment of Infantile Hemangiomas With Beta-Blockers

A Review

Sonal Shah, MD; Ilona J. Frieden, MD


Skin Therapy Letter. 2013;18(6) 

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Rebound Growth

Upon discontinuation of propranolol, several reports have noted rebound growth or recurrence of IH. The systematic review by Marqueling et al. observed a rate of 17% for rebound growth.[26] A recent study reported rebound growth in 5 of 26 patients (19%) after discontinuation of propranolol. Time from withdrawal of medication to recurrence ranged from 0–6 months, with recurrence appearing in the deep component in the majority of IH.[32] Rebound growth has been attributed to early treatment withdrawal or a prolonged proliferative phase of IH. Predictive factors that may predispose infants to rebound growth have yet to be identified, however, studies are currently underway to better characterize these contributing factors, which may aid in determining which infants are at increased risk for recurrence.