Recurrent Lyme Disease: Old or New Infection?

Lakshmi Ganapathi, MBBS; Neeraj Surana, MD, PhD


October 21, 2013

Case Presentation: Teen With a History of Bull's-eye Rash

A 17-year-old previously healthy adolescent boy presented with a 3-day history of a left-sided facial droop. He also complained of a headache and neck pain that began simultaneously with facial droop. He reported no fevers, vision changes, sick contacts, or extremity weakness. The patient has otherwise been healthy, although he recalled having an erythematous rash with a central clearing on his right thigh a month earlier. He denies any tick bites, but he lives in southern Massachusetts and has been on several hiking trips in New England. He has a history of cold sores, but he does not remember when the last episode occurred.


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