Systemic Therapies in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Present and Future

Gaetano Bertino; Isidoro Di Carlo; Annalisa Ardiri; Giuseppe Stefano Calvagno; Shirin Demma; Giulia Malaguarnera; Nicoletta Bertino; Mariano Malaguarnera; Adriana Toro; Michele Malaguarnera


Future Oncol. 2013;9(10):1533-1548. 

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Future Perspective

Molecular alterations may differ depending on the underlying risk factors and etiologies, potentially influencing patient responses to therapy. Thus, it will be necessary in the future to classify HCCs into subgroups according to their genomic and proteomic profiling. The identification of the key molecules/receptors/signaling pathways and the assessment of their relevance as potential targets will be the main future challenge. Defining molecular targeted agents effective for a specific subgroup will hopefully lead to personalized therapy.