The Role of Kidney in Glucose Homeostasis — SGLT2 Inhibitors, a New Approach in Diabetes Treatment

Vasileios Andrianesis; John Doupis


Expert Rev Clin Pharmacol. 2013;6(5):519-539. 

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Glut Facilitative Glucose Transporters

The facilitative glucose transporters, which are located at the basolateral membrane of the tubular cells, belong to the GLUT (SLC2A) protein family of human transporters that numbers 14 members.[37] GLUT protein family belongs to the Major Facilitator Super family of membrane transporters.[38] GLUT 2 in proximal convoluted tubule (S1/2 segments) and GLUT 1 in the proximal straight tubule (S3 segment) facilitate glucose diffusion through the basolateral membrane of tubular cells.[39]