An Infant With a Turned Right Eye

Eric J. Kim; Kimberly G. Yen, MD


October 01, 2013

Clinical Presentation

A 3-month-old, full-term, healthy girl presented to the pediatric ophthalmology clinic after her family observed that her right eye was not aligned her the left eye. The family had noticed this recently and was concerned that she was not seeing well. They stated that the child was healthy, born full-term without complications, and the mother had undergone an uneventful pregnancy. They were aware of no other developmental concerns.

On ocular examination, the child blinked to light in both eyes and fixated with the left eye, but she did not fixate well with the right eye. She objected to occlusion of the left eye. No photophobia or tearing was noted. No nystagmus was observed. Anterior segment examination was normal.

Fundus examination of the right eye is shown in the Figure. Peripheral fundus examination of the right eye was normal, and fundus examination of the left eye was normal.

Figure. Fundus examination of the right eye.


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