Lancet Retracts Jikei Heart Study as Scandal Cuts Swath Across Journals

September 11, 2013

LONDON, UK — The editors of the Lancet have formally retracted its publication of the Jikei Heart Study [1], the latest and perhaps climactic chapter in a scandal involving researchers in Japan that already had driven the European Heart Journal to pull the Kyoto Heart Study from the record earlier this year [2].

The broader story about apparent improprieties in the conduct of the trials[3,4], both of which were on the angiotensin-receptor blocker valsartan (Diovan, Novartis) in Japanese hypertension patients and which share some investigators, also includes allegations of fraud involving five papers inCirculation and other American Heart Association journals that were coauthored by Kyoto senior author Dr Hiroaki Matsubara (Kyoto Prefectural University School of Medicine, Japan).

The Lancet retraction was initially covered by Retraction Watch[5], which along with Cardiobrief and other blog sites has been closely tracking the larger story cutting across different journals.


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