Catheterization and Urostomy for the Community Pharmacist

Lynn Fletcher, PharmD


US Pharmacist. 2013;38(8):27-30. 

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Abstract and Introduction


Given the number of catheterizations and urostomies being performed today, it is essential for the community pharmacist to fully understand urostomy and catheterization procedures and to be proficient in recommending related products and counseling patients. Community pharmacists need to become well versed in such topics as reasons for catheterization and urostomy, how both of these procedures are performed, types of catheterization, available products, and how to change a urostomy bag.


A thorough knowledge of catheterization and urostomy products is particularly important because of the number of these procedures being performed and the need for related products. It is essential for community pharmacists to be familiar with reasons for catheterization and urostomy; how these procedures are performed; types of catheterization; available products; and how to change a urostomy bag. Traditionally, there has been a lack of pharmacist education on these topics. It is anticipated that the pharmacist will become knowledgeable about durable medical equipment for catheterization and urostomy by reviewing these topics in detail.